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You Know The Better Part Of Me Is Stolen
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23rd-May-2007 11:33 pm - In June
Title: In June
Author: </a></b></a>lastgoodbye3
Rating: R(non-descriptive sex)
Pairing: Brendon and Ryan (sorry but thats all I pretty much read XD)
POV: Ryan's
Summary:  I walk down my old street to the park where I used to play on the playground when I was younger. I sit down on the old swings and pull a cigarette from the pack, light up and take a drag. I stare around blankly and start to think. It starts to rain but I stay there as the rain pours down around me. The colors of the scenery bleed and fade together, it reminds me of the day I met him.
Disclaimer: If I owned them do you really think I'd be writing this... that'd be a no.
Author Notes: this is my first post / first time writhing slash... so PLEASE be nice, and I love love love comments, they make me feel like I've actuall accomplished something. I'm not completly happy with it but I'm going on vacation soon and I wanted to post this.

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